Do you believe we can design our own lives?

Think about how many little decisions you make in a day from the moment you awake to greet a new day. You may decide to press snooze one/two/ten more times, what impact will that decision make? It might not make a significant impact or it could.

So then think about those BIG decisions in life that you make.

Have you always made those big decisions based on throughout research or have they been more of a ‘gut feel’?

I know for me when I look back over decisions that have changed the course of my life it has been my ‘gut’ driving the action.

To leave a long-term relationship
To leave an established career
To travel overseas

All gut decisions……and no regrets. All were changing the course of my life, some consciously designing my life, some unconsciously. Some big and some small.

What’s this got to do with Essential Oils, you may ask?

When my friend approached me to do an essential oil workshop. It was my gut that said ‘say yes.’ Did I know much more than they smell nice in my oil burner….ahh, no but during that workshop, I learned, well it felt like re-learned what I already knew. They are a lot more than nice smelling stuff. A whole lot more!

I truly believe they have the ability to bring our bodies back into harmony and the best bit; they are super accessible and affordable.

You can totally can, just purchase the oils to diffuse and enjoy the fragrance and I can help you work out the most affordable way to do that.
Or you can jump in and partner with doTERRA
like I did

I could have come up with dozens of excuses, I wear so many hats, I have no time, I have no money, I have a reputation to uphold, I don’t like network marketing blah blah, but I didn’t.
Every fiber of my being was saying YES; I want this, I want to be a part of this, I want this for my life.

What is this? What is it that I want to be a part of? Well, let me tell you….

The Company

doTERRA source all their oils from where the plant best thrives. They are sourced from over 40 countries including developing nations. This means they are bringing a market to communities that need resources such as clean drinking water.
doTERRA partners directly with farmers collaborating with them long term. They refer to this as co-impact sourcing.
Every year, millions of dollars are raised and invested into future brightening endeavors for the vulnerable as part of their Healing Hands Foundation. For example the ‘king of oils’ Frankincense; it is sourced from Somalia where doTerra has provided schooling for the farmer’s daughters as education is saved for the boys only.

The oils

Not all oils are created equal. I did not know this, so you may not either, but some companies add additives to their oils, but doTERRA are 100% natural, pure and potent with no additives.

I have incorporated the oils into my daily life. I use the oils to support my immune system and manage/balance my mood. How?


I create a blend depending on how I feel, but if it is after a bath in the evening, it is usually frankincense and lavender mixed with fractionated coconut oil to ‘aromatically dress’ myself after my bath. (I love saying and doing! ‘aromatically dress’) It is such a beautiful practice of self-care.
Or if I am feeling a bit run down I use oregano with coconut oil and apply to the bottom of my feet to support my immune system. Bottom of my feet? Yep, your feet are a great location to apply the oils, as the oils are absorbed and in your bloodstream within seconds and your body knows how to direct the oils to where they are needed and can affect your whole body within 20 min. How amazing is that!


If you purchase the home essentials kit, it comes with a diffuser, so you simply add water and a few drops and enjoy. I like blending peppermint and wild orange as a ‘get sh*t done’ focus blend and lavender in the evening to unwind. But the possibilities are endless and fun to see how each one makes you feel. When I had a friend coming over that was getting over a cold, I diffused On Guard which is the protective blend and smells like mulled wine!


Yes! I know, Internally! The first time I used the oils internally I made bliss balls with wild orange. OMG yum!
Note not ALL of them can be ingested but basically, if they are what you would normally ingest then you can ingest, ie, lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc
You can also add them to your water (1 drop goes a long way) to make a refreshing drink. I add Lime to my vodka and soda 😉

Why am I telling you all this? 

Because when I find something I think is pretty cool, I like to share it with my friends, I mean doesn’t everyone?
When you find a product that you love, a company that inspires you and something I haven’t mentioned yet, a community of like-minded souls! Yep, that’s a biggy. Wouldnt you want to shout from the roof tops “OMG people you have to get on this!”

And if you do, you have a couple of options, just head over here to find out. But basically, when you buy doTERRA essential oils through a wholesale account, you straight away receive 25% off retail.

And so, by responding to a small little ‘yes‘ I have discovered a whole new world and feel day by day that I am improving my and others lives, in small and sometimes big ways.

Note the above information is intended for use only with doTERRA essential oils and as with any medicines, prudence is advised.