Summer is not one of my favourite months.

I know! There I said it!

It has so much going for it, the long days, balmy nights….immersing yourself in the ocean and I am one of the lucky ones I live near the beach! All the things people go in search for as holidays and here I am saying, its not my favourite…In my defence, I believe my pale skin that actually reflects light is a big part of it, that and my rosacea. #redallover #notagoodlook

However, the lead up to Summer is one of my favourites; SPRING (Autumn is the other, sensing a trend?) Honestly the first day of Spring I woke a new person, I had a spring in my step, a cleaning rag in one hand and my On Guard Cleaning Mix in the other. I was throwing open all the windows and doors, allowing that fresh spring air to flow through and cleanse the house. I didn’t stop there! I went and purchased a mini trampoline #random haha, not so. Back in March, I went on a Detox Retreat with the founders of SYAMA Yoga, it was a last-minute decision and aren’t they the best! It was a 2 night, 3-day retreat just south of Sydney in Bundeena and oh so worth it.

  • 3 days of nature replenishment
  • Whole, cleansing, fresh food made with love by the goddess from Nourished by Nic
  • Yoga cleansing rituals; tongue scraping and oil pulling, and deep breathwork
  • Massages and Moving Meditations
  • Body Brushing and Ocean swims
  • Rebounding
  • Nutrition; Research into Ayuverdic body types, seasonal diets and fasting

Below are just three simple routines that I have adopted and from that retreat and  now couldnt imagine not part of my daily routine, I share what I have been doing with the hope, if not new news to you, may inspire you, and if you have never heard of these things, that you may learn something new. 


  • Low impact workout
  • Activates the entire body
  • Opens up the lymphatic system
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Gets rid of cellulite

In fact, NASA has done research and found rebounding to be 50% more effective than running for fat burning and cardio. #winning #Ihaterunning

I usually spend about 30 sec to 1 minute on each exercise while listening to music, (this one The Soul Force has been a recent favourite) before my yoga and meditation practice.

Body Brushing:

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ!?  Thinking about my skin like that has really changed how I treat it. 

  • Removes dead skin cells and ingrown hairs (which makes the skin feel super smooth)
  • Boosts circulation
  • Assists with lymphatic drainage
  • Eases and prevents cellulite
  • If you’re lethargic, it can bring a sense of invigoration.
  • If you’re feeling stressed and physically overloaded, it’s calming. 

I use my brush from The Body Shop on my dry skin before showing or bathing once a week, usually Sunday night as part of my #selfcare routine.

As taught to me by Shivani on the Detox Retreat:

  • Begin and end at the belly, where most of our lymphatic watersheds reside and only do circular brushing strokes. Follow the natural flow of your digestive system; up stokes on the right, downstrokes on the left.
  • Brush 7 to 9 times over each area.
  • When doing the lower body, start on the soles of your feet, brushing upwards towards your heart.
  • When doing the upper body concentrate on the strokes going towards the left armpit.
  • After you bathe, slather your body in a massage oil (Caress detox oil, sesame oil, coconut oil etc.). Relish in your soft skin afterwards.

For more, and to get the video on how to do it properly go to

Tongue Scraping

Sounds gross, but now knowing what I know, the thought of not doing it grosser. While we sleep, the body is digesting and eliminating, so a build-up of toxins (ama) accumulate on the surface of the tongue. All you have to do is scrap that ama off before you eat or drink so that you don’t consume it again. I use a copper tongue scraper as copper is an antiseptic, antibacterial metal and helps encourage the growth of good bacteria. You can pick one up from Nourished Life.

Now I just don’t feel right if I have tongue scraped, if I have stayed over at a friends place and forgotten to pack it, I just use a teaspoon instead just for that day.

There is so much more I could share with you from the retreat but that would be rather overwhelming and you probably wouldnt implement any of them which would defeat the purpose. #babysteps

I would love to know if you already do any of these or if this has inspired you to start.